Please identify below which of the following types of general insurance you wish to appoint us in relation to.  The tables provide a brief outline / summary of some of the major general insurance types.  For more detail on each type of insurance, consult your Account Manager.  This is not an exhaustive list of all insurance available.  If you are appointing us to a policy which is not outlined below, please add to the area at the bottom of these tables.


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Accounts Receivable Covers loss due to inability of the insured to collect amounts owing from customers    
Advanced Profits / Rentals Consequential loss of profits as a result of the delayed completion of a project due to loss, damage or destruction    
Aviation Loss and/or damage to personal aircraft and associated equipment.    
Boiler & Pressure Vessel Covers loss or damage due to explosion/collapse of boilers/pressure vessels    
Burglary Loss as a result of theft by forcible entry    
Business Continuity Covers additional wages cost should key employee be on extended sick leave    
Business Interruption Unable to operate for a period of time due to the occurrence of an insured risk    
Computer Multi Risks Covers physical loss or damage to computing equipment    
Construction Risks Covers loss, destruction, damage to contract works.    
Credit Loss following insolvency of debtors    
Crop Covers loss, destruction or damage to crops.    
Customs & Payment Bonds Covers liability under the customs / excise Act    
Electronic Equipment Loss as a result of damage to insured electronic equipment    
Export Credit / Political Risks Losses caused by contract repudiation, export licence cancellation or currency inconvertibility preventing the transfer of payments under a contract    
Fidelity Guarantee Losses due to dishonesty of your employees    
Fine Arts Risk Los of or damage to fine art and curios whilst on display, exhibition or transit.    
Fire Loss following a fire    
General Property Tools, stock & equipment anywhere in Australia e.g. laptops etc.    
Glass Loss as a result of breakage    
Goods in Transit Damage to Goods in Transit, both overseas and domestic    
Home & Contents Damage to residential property including coverage for personal valuables, legal liability and domestic workers compensation.  
Intellectual Property Legal expenses incurred to defend patent, trademark, copyright etc  
Keyman Covers a specified amount following the death / disablement of selected key staff.  
Livestock Covers death or illness to specified stock  
Legal Expenses Costs incurred to take or defend nominated types of legal action  
Machinery Breakdown Loss as a result of breakdown of insured machinery  
Marine Hull Damage to ships / boats and related equipment  
Marine Pleasure Craft Damage to pleasure craft whilst in or on the water, including whilst in transit  
Money Loss following theft  
Mortgage & Lease Guarantee Covers financial loss as a result of default by the borrower  
Motor Loss following theft or damage of insured vehicle/s
Rural Combined policy for the full range of rural and domestic insurances, such as home and contents, farm property, legal liability, farm equipment, fences, livestock etc.
Tax Audit Covers professional fees charged by an accountant in connection with a Taxation Office audit.
Travel Covers baggage, overseas medical expenses, money, personal accident & loss of deposits


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Airport Operators Liability Covers third party liability which arises out of ownership, maintenance or operation of registered aircraf    
Charterers Legal Liability Covers assureds legal liability to owner of chartered vessel    
Company Reimbursement Will reimburse the Company for payments it is legally entitled or obliged to make in indemnifying Directors or Officers.    
Defamation / Libel & Slander Indemnifies Insured against claims for libel and slander by any person provided that such claims arise out of the conduct of the Insured.    
Directors & Officers Covers Directors’ or Officers’ for their legal liability for wrongful acts committed whilst acting in their capacity as a Director/Officer    
Economic Loss Liability to third parties for financial loss arising from personal injury or property damage    
Environmental Impairment Covers legal costs associated with insured legal liability for personal injury or property damage caused by non sudden or long term pollution.    
Employment Practices Defamation, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination etc of Employees  
Legal Defence Costs Expenses in either pursuing or defending an action arising from disputes with customers or suppliers.  
Marine Liability Bodily injury / Property damage arising from the operation of vessels, carriers activities or ship-repair and general marine activities  
Motor – CTP (Greenslip) Bodily injury arising from registered vehicles  
Product Tamper / Recall Expenses following product tampering or recall  
Product Liability Covers legal liability for bodily injury and damage to property caused by products sold or supplied by the insured.  
Professional Indemnity Breach of Duty arising from the professional activities of the insured.  
Protection & Indemnity Covers the assureds liability to third parties as a result of ownership of a vessel/craft  
Public Liability Covers legal liability for bodily injury and damage to property occurring in connection with the business  
Statutory Liability Inadvertent breach of statutory legislation  
Trustees Liability Damages following mismanagement of superannuation funds by trustee  
Umbrella Liability Additional Liability coverage over and above standard policy.  
Workers Compensation Injury to employees as per State Legislation  
Extra Territorial Workers Compensation Variation of Workers Compensation benefits whilst employees are temporarily working elsewhere other than State of Employment  


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Disability Covers insured persons for permanent or temporary disablement as a result of accident or sickness    
Expatriate Health cover Covers medical, hospital, dental, optical and ancillary expenses for Expatriates living overseas and in Australia whilst on temporary visits.    
Personal Accident / Illness Covers insured persons for accidental death, permanent or temporary disablement as a result of accident or sickness    
Salary Continuance Covers for a specified period of time, up to 100% of salary of an employee or self employed individual who cannot work due to a prolonged disability arising from accident / illness.  
Voluntary Group Accident Schemes Covers volunteer employees by way of a payroll deduction scheme for death or disablement as a result of an accident.